FX Mountain, the 125cc downhill bike [w/video]

New kinds of motorcycles are born when different makers think at combining this and that to achieve what they believe the market asks for and when it comes to downhill riders, we usually don’t expect to hear an engine roar, but we’ve come to find that someone did thought at using the power from a 125cc four-stroke single on a light bike – 125.6 lbs (57 kg) – in order to get across high ground with greater ease. The bike is called FX Mountain Moto and it is the only engined downhill two-wheeler that we know about.

Light and nimble as a mountain bike and enough powerful to put it up against your everyday dirt bike, the FX Mountain Moto is a very successful combination coming from New Zeeland. In fact, this thing is claimed being the world’s lightest adult-sized dirt bike. Does that motivate you to pay $5,040 (€3,700) for it?

Source: motoblog

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  (461) posted on 03.28.2010

That looks so radical. I heard of uphill races with special bikes and I have seen that it’s tough, I have also witnessed some bikes going downhill and they are fast, but exactly why do they need an engine for a downhill bike for? Wouldn’t it make it a little bit more dangerous for the biker as it can make the bike heavier and harder to maneuver?

  (780) posted on 03.28.2010

Sweet and of course, dangerous. Well, of course we just have to ask, why would you need power to get down a hill when gravity can give you a lot of speed.

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