Goes from riding on the land to the water in 5 seconds

If you think you have mastered the arts of two-wheels, think again. This two-wheeler is not your regular pick of the mill. What it is, is a weird looking scooter that can do things no other motorcycle can on a surface no other motorcycle can go on.

Called the Biski, it’s a 55hp twin cylinder engine scooter that runs on land like a normal moped, but a flick of a button gets it riding on water in just under 5 seconds. This amphibious scooter is made by Kiwi chaps who go by the name Gibbs Amphibians, who specialize in amphibious vehicles.

Gibbs Biski: The amphibious motorcycle Exterior
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Still in the concept phase, Biski will join a fleet of amphibious adventure vehicles including the tricycle (Triski), side-by-side (Terraquad), quad-bike Quadski, and a 6-seater van Humdinga.

Our pick of the lot is the Biski. This thing can reach an impressive 80mph on land and 37mph on water with its 55hp twin cylinder engine. When you get onto the water from land, the Biski converts into a jet-ski style riding with just a push of a button. In 5 seconds, the rear wheel retracts in, and the jet propulsion system kicks in.

The two-wheel Biski amphibious motorcycle weighs 502 lbs and comes packed with bodywork that may resemble like a big tourer or a bagger, but is all just a hollow device helping you and your bike float. And this, my friends, is what is wrong with it.

Okay. Wrong! Not exactly. But gets pretty close to it. Because the bodywork is so broad and low, it will make it impossible to take bends and curves in speeds on the road. Imagine you bank a little more, and a gaping hole just blows into the hull since there is no clearance available at all. You’ll be the definition of a sinking duck.

Gibbs Biski: The amphibious motorcycle Exterior
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There goes your amphibious tag to become a ‘weird, huge, ugly, no point motorcycle’ tag.

The Biski is yet to make it into production, so there are no prices yet. The production-ready model will become available to us shortly.

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