Invention Support has signed a strategic alliance with Mr. West, the inventor of the new device known as the "Removable Brake Light", to offer support for this great new invention and to proudly introduce it into the general market.

The basic idea behind the Removable Brake Light is to help motorcycle drivers achieve better safety. The device attaches to the back of their helmet or jacket while they are riding. The invention incorporates LCD lights and a signal transmitter which is hard wired to the motorcycle’s brake light circuit. A two piece system consisting of a light strip and a remote control that is hard wired to the vehicle. The rider only needs to press the brake to activate light. When a rider operates his brakes a wireless signal from transmitter signals brake light to come on remotely and wireless. It comes with an adhesive mechanism that can be attached to the back of a person’s jacket or motorcycle helmet. The device would provide added warning to drivers that the motorcycle is coming to a stop because it would be placed in a location higher up in their visual field.

The idea for increasing safety for motorcycle drivers is an extremely positive development for this demographic who suffer from an extensive number of accidents and injuries each year. Single vehicle motorcycle crashes account for about 45 percent of all motorcyclist fatalities. More than 38,000 motorcyclists died in single vehicle motorcycle crashes between 1975 and 1999.

Even the recent introduction of LEDs as standard equipment for rear lighting on a few bikes has been driven by styling concerns rather than function or safety, so it’s debatable whether or not there’s any real difference in apparent light power from these original equipment LED tail lights. This market failure has resulted in the evolution of a fairly healthy choice in replacement lighting types via the aftermarket over the last few years. This includes everything from higher powered headlight bulbs to high intensity discharge (HID) lighting kits, xenon bulbs, various marker lights, LED brake and tail lights, flexible LED light bars and more.

Auxiliary lighting product sales have really been booming, and the recent hot item is the introduction of "next generation" high intensity LED products for motorcycles and trucks. Many potential customers are already noticing how many tractor-trailers, trucks and other commercial equipment are now using LED rear lighting. LEDs are perfectly suited for motorcycles because they are more resistant to vibration failure, they generate almost no heat, and they take very little power. The idea for the Removable Brake Light to be fastened to helmets or jackets, however, still remains fertile for development in an otherwise open market.

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