Motorcycle awareness days on September 13 -14, 2008 are the result of Sandia Classic’s strong collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Bureau in order to show future bikers the right way into this cult.

Held on a two days period, the program offers important riding and DWI information, the ever popular Duel of the Motorcycle Cops at high noon, OHV riding areas as well as door prices and motorcycle safety vendors.

Also, you will be offered the opportunity to catch up with riders in California by signing up at training courses for either experienced or trained riders.

Motorcycle awareness can be promoted by each one of us through attaching this sticker on the bumpers of our cars. They can be procured from motorcycle dealers and DMW offices in the state or, for distribution to large groups, write to Shara Lamont.

Greatest race in the west promotes motorcycle awareness
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