Following the OCC model (only that without the fights), Dan Gurney and his son Justin have created an all-new Aligator Instigator model. This baby is an aggressive piece of machinery built around a 2032cc S&S V-Twin engine, the biggest and most powerful one used at Aligator Motorcycles, but by the way they’re evolving, we reckon that not the last one.

Properly exploiting the engine’s capabilities is the six-speed gearbox and a custom-built exhaust system, but the piece that definitely required a great amount of work is the chrome-moly 4030 tubing. The latest Aligator rides on Dymag forged alloy wheels which are linked to the frame by an USD fork and an aluminum swingarm together with Penske monoshock. The brakes were provided by Beringer and the instrumentation by Motec.

Gurney Aligator Instigator: not the usual thing
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The amazing part about this bike is not the immense engine, neither the outrageously low seat, but the fact that despite featuring a carbon fiber bodywork and aggressive sport bike look, it features feet-forward riding position for enhance comfort. The wheelbase is also longer that you would find on a regular sport bike, making it hard to be position in an already existing category. This also means decreased cornering abilities, but the manufacturer reckons the low center of gravity compensates for that.

Gurney Aligator Instigator: not the usual thing
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The Instigator will be produced in a limited number of approximately 50 units. Click here to find out more.

For those who do not know, Dan Gurney is the inventor of the ALLIGATOR motorcycle, and the founder and CEO of Dan Gurney ALLIGATOR Motorcycles Inc. This new company is a division of Dan Gurney’s All American Racers - the well known racing prototype and manufacturing facility operating out of its Santa Ana location since 1965. Both Dan and AAR (all American racers) have made names for themselves by winning races and championships in the major leagues of motor sports around the world. Most of them with the fabled Eagle machines designed and built by AAR.

They’re first Aligator was created in the la 1990s and it was powered by a 670cc single-cylinder Honda engine. Apparently, they’re now going all original.

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