• Guy Martin Doing Well After Horrific Crash, Has New Book Scheduled For October 22 Release

Guy Martin is one of the most interesting men you’ll ever meet. When he’s not working on trucks, Martin’s a professional motorcycle racer and a TV personality to boot. He’s also a published author and on October 22, his new book, “When You Dead, You Dead”, is released in book stores all over.

The book is just one of the reasons that makes Martin such an interesting fellow. This is the same guy who two months ago, crashed violently at the Dundrod 150 race. In a conversation with BBC, Martin fessed up on the extent of his injuries, admitting that he broke five vertebrae, five ribs, and two metacarpals in his right hand. He also broke his sternum and doctors even had to rod his spine and plate his hand. These injuries may sound gruesome to other people, but Martin has always known the inherent risks that come with motor racing. So he takes them with stride, similar to how carpenters talk about the number of times they’ve hit their hands with a hammer.

Martin also said that he’s thinking of going back to racing bikes, although for now, his main objective is to take things slowly and recover from his crash and concentrate on his other job as a truck mechanic. That and promote his new book. According to Martin, one pound from each Guy Martin official merchandise and books sale will go to the Spinal Research charity.

Even when he’s taking things easy, Guy Martin still has time to be interesting.

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Why it matters

Guy Martin’s crash at the Dundrod 150 Superbike race is the perfect example of the dangers of motorcycle racing. For a rider who is as good on a race bike as Martin is, there are times when even the best riders get involved in violent crashes for one reason or another. Martin’s crash was especially brutal considering how his Tyco BMW violently high-sided during the race before smashing into a barrier and crashing hard to the ground. Fortunately, Martin didn’t lose his life from the harrowing ordeal. The bike itself came close to hitting him as he was stumbling on the track so even with the spate of injuries he suffered because of it, Martin was extremely fortunate that the accident didn’t cost him his life.

It’s only right for him to spend the next few months recovering from the crash. It’s hard to imagine him actually doing that considering his mental makeup, but let’s hope that he’s smart enough to understand that recovery is the best course of action at the moment. That and working on his other job as a truck mechanic. He’s already doing that now, saying that it’s therapy for him. That one doesn’t involve a lot of physical strain on his body so I guess that’s not going to be too bad for him.

But as far as racing goes, better not get back on the saddle before you’re 100 percent recovered from your accident, Guy Martin.

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