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Knievel Custom Cycles and Hardbikes have signed an agreement which marks the begining of a new era. Under this agreement, Hardbikes will become the exclusive motorcycle manufacturer for Knievel Custom Cycles, allowing us to witness great projects.

It is a fact well known that a rider’s jump is prepared weeks, maybe months in advance and a lot of time is taken for the bike’s development. That means constant communication between rider and mechanics resulting into a unique product for a unique rider. Knievel Custom Cycles was created by Kaptain Robbie Knievel and a few close friends (most likely mechanics) 2 years ago and they currently produce custom motorcycles at their facility in Northern New Jersey.

Hardbikes with its team of motorcycle and manufacturing veterans will build every motorcycle to a customer’s specification. Hardbikes and their engineering prowess won the 2006 Ironworks Award for the design and use of the Hardbikes Design Center which permits the customer to custom fit the motorcycle on its body size and riding style. This process produces the perfect fit for the customer. With its facilities located in Western Pennsylvania, Hardbikes currently has the capability to produce as much as 100 custom motorcycles a month for Knievel Custom Cycles.

The agreement between the two says “one of a kind” and we are anxious to see a project elaborated after this great union.

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