• Harley Davidson break up with Alta Motors in just six months

Leaving the California based startup high and dry

We brought you this news almost half a year ago where Harley-Davidson ties the knot with Alta Motors to develop next-gen EVs’. It was an equity investment sharing ideologies and infrastructure to set up new technology and R&D to come up with innovative solutions to develop electric motorcycles.

But fresh new information tells us that the Bar & Shield brand had done a complete flip and have exited from its joint motorcycle project with Alta. They have culminated all involvements and investments in the San Francisco startup.

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The Brisbane, California based Alta Motors designs and manufactured the most advanced electric motorcycles in the industry. When HD announced its plans to get in bed with Alta, it was purely for sharing ideologies and infrastructure to work co-dependently to develop the next generation of electric vehicles. For the immediate future, they were to develop two new electric motorcycles branded under the Harley-Davidson name.

But with this partnership breaking before we could see anything, Harley has backed off from this with immediate effect. This will definitely take Harley out of accessing Alta Motor’s cutting-edge electric vehicle technology to help them guide the onset of the electric drivetrain, especially with the LiveWire touting to come alive soon.

Harley Davidson break up with Alta Motors in just six months Exterior
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For Alta, they will be losing from the huge investments to propel new R&D and build a better dealer-supplier network, not to forget, purchasing power. This means Alta will be looking at new investors or partners to develop its future products including the next generation Redshift models.

As part of its brand new “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” growth plan through 2022, HD has showcased multiple concepts under the LiveWire bandwagon including the 2019 production ready LiveWire motorcycle. It will be the first in a broad, no-clutch “twist and go” portfolio of products that will put the company right in the center of the electric race.

Harley Davidson break up with Alta Motors in just six months Exterior
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HD was also slated to launch a series of electric models including a Street Tracker variant running similar specs like the 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross model to be introduced in 2021-22, it will come with “accessible power” and will also be lower priced than the LiveWire flagship. But all of this is now hanging on a fine thread as far as we are concerned.

Haley in the meantime might already have these plans still running with their in-house honchos or a new partnership to help them set up the stage for the electric revolution.

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