So, imagine you are in bed with your wife making love... a Harley rider is coming... parking his moto in front of your house and enter your room. What will do? Are you ready to give him your place in bed next to your wife? No? Well, this is what Harley Commercial says you should do!

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  (453) posted on 02.24.2012

Well, this video shows some bare skin. This powerful Harley-Davidson’s motorcycle has the power. It was proven based on the sounds on the video. About the sharing of wife, if you’re going to ask me? No way, I can’t let anyone get what is mine that easy. This is for adults only.

  (331) posted on 09.7.2011

Yeah, that’s too insane! I will not let that thing happen. Is there a shortage in women? How come he needs to stole someones wife? I would say Ridiculous!

  (365) posted on 09.7.2011

No way! That’s too stupid to do. How come that I will let anyone touch my ownership? Mine is mine and I don’t want to do sharing! This commercial is insane!

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