Harley has always been all about showing their appreciation for our service men and women throughout its history, and it looks like the factory will continue this tradition in 2015. The two-pronged (more on that later) mission is set to run from May 16th through September 13th, 2015, with exceptions made for those who are deployed overseas that extend into 2016. This free Riding Academy is available to all current and former members of the military. Harley teamed up with Heath Calhoun of Wounded Warrior Project alumnus to help get this project off the ground.

Why It Matters

Harley-Davidson Gives Our Soldiers Riding Lessons
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Anything that we can do to benefit our vets is a good thing, right? This program comes with a couple of benefits. First and most obvious, Harley is introducing net-new riders to the sport (and maybe a lifestyle?) on its brand, which is sure to engender some favor (read: bait the table) when it comes time for them to buy a bike. As for the riders, they are introduced in a relaxed, controlled environment, and trained in the skills they need to ride safely. This is important, and it brings me to the second mission objective. Safety is a front-burner issue for the military. We have lost over 1,100 service members to fatal motorcycle accidents between 1999 and 2012, according to the Department of Defense, and Harley hopes proper training will reduce that number moving forward.

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