The Australia Harley-Davidson headquarters have just been designed by a team of inspired architects: TONDM. And what better inspiration source than the bikes themselves?

The result is a truly impressive building which not only features the administrative offices, technical training and storage facilities, but comes as a demonstration of force too. The maker is aware of its products being successful around the world, with the Australians somewhere on top of the list, so they contracted the best of the best.

Let’s see what they have to say!

“For design inspiration we looked to the bikes themselves; their emotion and efficiency. The geometry of the engines and frames can be seen in the lines of the building. The building does not copy them however it suggests this movement and style.

The brief for the building is a reflection of the Harley Davidson culture, giving as much emphasis to the gymnasium and break-out areas as the office and storage space. We designed the building to reflect this; with the location of all of the recreational and break-out areas near the entry. You enter into a central mezzanine. From there you can see all of the areas that reflect the Harley lifestyle. You can also look down into the technical and training areas. You are immediately aware of what Harley Davidson is all about.”

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