• Harley-Davidson just showed us a strong intent of their future electric street-tracker

It will be introduced in 2021-22, and will come with “accessible power” while being priced lower than the LiveWire flagship

As part of its brand new “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” growth plan through 2022, HD made inroads with the LiveWire electric streetfighter. It is the first in a broad, no-clutch “twist and go” portfolio of products that will put the company right in the center of the electric race.

A run through their US website today gave us a glimpse of the Milwaukee brand’s flat-track-inspired electric motorbike concept sketched out. This street-tracker is said to be developed to bridge the gap between the “lightweight urban” bike concepts showcased at the 2019 EICMA and the premium, high-power, halo model-the LiveWire.

Harley-Davidson just showed us a strong intent of their future electric street-tracker Drawings
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Harley-Davidsons, in fact, was one of the first American manufacturers who tried paying homage to its famous XR750 Track race bike by giving us the XR1000 and the XR1200. But sales didn’t add up good numbers for them, and they were soon discontinued. Now though, it is trying its fortunes again, but on an electrical powertrain nonetheless.

Just like the LiveWire, this street-tracker will also be designed at Harley’s Product Development Center in Wisconsin and will be built at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in York, PA. It is believed to revolutionize the electric enduro/dirt segment with an agile, lightweight and noise-free motorcycle that is touted to pave the way for authentic enduro riding.

If I jog your memory a bit, Harley-Davidson and Alta Motors were supposed to get in bed together for the same purpose - to produce a Street Tracker variant running similar specs like the 2018 Redshift MXR Motocross model. But we know how it all ended.

Harley-Davidson just showed us a strong intent of their future electric street-tracker Drawings
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Haley, however, pushed through these plans with their in-house honchos to help them set up the stage for the electric revolution. This sketch showcases the concept carrying indicators and a number plate hanger, meaning, it is meant for you and me to use them on the streets. It also carries a similar-looking battery pack like the LiveWire, some good-ol 19-inchers, USD forks, monoshock, up-swept handlebar, LED lights and some flat track DNA in it.

All of this, Harley hopes, will help bring in at least 2 million new riders in the U.S. by 2027 and increase its international business to 50 percent of annual volume. Hopefully, all of this can do wonders sending Harley back to its glory days.

The middleweight EV concept bridges our EV technology to our rich history of racing and the legendary XR750. As the ultimate city bike, high-performance run-about or next-gen short tracker, this is H-D's vision of EV for the quick and competitive.
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