• Harley Davidson’s electric powertrain to be a "Revelation"

The name was trademarked for electric parts and drives

Starting last month, we learned that Harley has begun registering new names as part of their new strategy to add 100 new models in the coming decade. Harley-Davidson has already introduced 10 new ones this year: nine new Softails and the Street Rod.

With 90 more to come, Harley has gone ahead and registered three new names for their new motorcycle models: “Bronx”, ’48X’ and ’Pan America’. Now, new information tells us that Harley has gone ahead and filed ‘Harley-Davidson Revelation’ trademark for its newfound electric tech that includes batteries, chargers, and motorcycle powertrains.

Harley Davidson's electric powertrain to be a "Revelation" Exterior
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You know things are getting serious when stalwarts like the Harley Davidson are putting their money and testing out electricity to power their machines. I am talking about their Project LiveWire that has been doing the rounds on the internet ever since they were showcased a couple of years ago.

With the Harley-Davidson Sportster engines known as the Evolution, and the engines in the Milwaukee brand’s entry-level Street bikes called the Revolution X, it is no baller that Harley Davidson would name their electric powertrain as the “Revelation” rather than naming the motorcycle.

Harley Davidson's electric powertrain to be a "Revelation" Exterior
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And if you have been keeping up to date with its progress, you might find it as blasphemous as it was for me that Harley took so long for it to enter the production phase. Luckily, our reports on the internet suggest that the Milwaukee firm is steaming ahead with the Project LiveWire and will soon hit to production. If everything goes right, the electric bike will hit the market as soon as 18 months from now.

For now, we know a little more than that with Harley trademarking the “Revelation” with the United States Patent & Trademark Office for ‘electric batteries’ and ‘electric drives for motorcycles’, all signs pointing out to the imminent launch of the new electric powered cruised from the bar and shield brand.

Harley Davidson's electric powertrain to be a "Revelation" Exterior
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Harley created the Project LiveWire back in 2010 as a base to start a whole new endeavor with the newfound source. They needed the bike to run, at the least, a 100 miles on a full charge, and with this progress, it looks like the chaps at HD have found a way to give that much juice.

Knowing the development times of such new technology and products, there is a Harley Davidson Electric production model undergoing its final stages of testing and homologation on a proving ground as we speak.

Harley Davidson's electric powertrain to be a "Revelation" Exterior
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And for what that word means, well a simple google search gave me this: “the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence” That is quite simply put, Harley Davidson is shifting focus from the darling V-Twins all Americans love, to electric power.

So far, the history of EVs’ has not been a fairy-tale story. But with that vast amount of experience, skill and financial resources, this could as well be one of the finest electric two-wheelers we will get to see in the coming decade. Of course, the competition is spewing up by the day, but Harley has the heritage to back it up.

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