• Harley-Davidson’s Projet LiveWire to hit production in 18 months

The Milwaukee brand will enter a new phase in 2019

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You know things are actually getting serious when stalwarts like the Harley Davidson are putting their money and testing out electricity to power their machines. And if you have been following the Marvel studio’s Avenger series, you might have caught the stunning Scarlett Johansson picking up things for the boys on a stealthy looking black widow’s electric motorcycle.

That is the Project LiveWire. Harley’s proprietary shift to an alternative power source. And if you have been keeping up to date with its progress, you might find it as blasphemous as it was for me that Harley took so long for it to enter the production phase.

Luckily, our friends at Autoblog report that the Milwaukee firm is steaming ahead with the Project LiveWire and will soon hit to production. If everything goes right, the electric bike will hit the market as soon as 18 months from now.

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Harley created the Project LiveWire back in 2010 as a base to start a whole new endeavor with the newfound source. With it, they have traveled across the world and have been collecting deeper insights from riders to help them shape the future direction of this exciting technology, and by the looks of it, it’s been a pleasant experience for both the brand and the customer.

The only downside they analyzed was the minimum range the bike showcased. 50 miles on a full charge was not acceptable, even by Harley. They needed the bike to run, at the least, a 100 miles on a full charge, and with this progress, it looks like the chaps at HD have found a way to give that much juice.

Harley-Davidson's Projet LiveWire to hit production in 18 months Exterior
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Just like their Project Rushmore, they learn how to improve, and that is exactly the whole point of the Project LiveWire. They will also look at inculcating rider and motor diagnostics within the system and have it linked via air or the cloud so that it can also be accessed remotely and update engineers at Harley about the health of the motorcycle.

Inspired by racing, the design team has bestowed the motorbike with aggressiveness and adrenaline cues to make a bold statement. As is their traditional motorcycles, the jewel of the crown is still the longitudinal powertrain that looks like superchargers fitted on top fuel dragsters.

Harley-Davidson's Projet LiveWire to hit production in 18 months Exterior
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The LiveWire makes use of a V-twin electric motor housed inside Harley’s (first ever) cast aluminum and is capable of producing 74 bhp and 52 lb-ft of instant torque at 0 rpm. Blazingly quick. It can sprint from 0 to 60 under 4 seconds and can top to a 95 mph mark. Power surges from a Lithium-ion battery that can take you from 50-60 miles in one full charge that takes 3.5 hours to top-up.

Does this mean we will see the end of Harley’s iconic V-Twins? Hell no. Harley believes that the petrol-powered V-twins are the strongest suitor for all their motorcycles and they are only in the exploration zone to diversify the Harley family of riders.

Harley-Davidson's Projet LiveWire to hit production in 18 months Exterior
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Harley Davidson is not a company that is some run off the mill. It has a rich 111 years that made savvy business taking some of the boldest decision after foreseeing the company’s future. This, I believe, is one of them.

So far, the history of EVs’ has not been a fairy-tale story. But with that vast amount of experience, skill and financial resources, this could as well be one of the finest electric two-wheelers we will get to see in the coming decade. Of course, the competition is spewing up by the day, but Harley has the heritage to back it up.

Source: Autoblog

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