Harley-Davidson purists may not agree with the ethos of the company’s Project LiveWire program, but even they can’t deny that it has had a very successful US tour. That success has apparently given Harley the genius idea of expanding the LiveWire Experience out of the US and showcasing it to the whole world. Yep. The whole world.

The Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire program will make its first stop at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit from February 25 to March 4, 2015. Local media and invitation-only consumers will get a first-hand experience to enjoy the thrill of riding Harley’s first-ever electric motorcycle where they will be asked to provide some feedback on the bike, an important element in Harley’s continued development of the electric motorcycle. Once its stop in Malaysia is done, Project LiveWire will hop through eight countries from Asia, Europe, and Canada.

The program’s European stop is particularly important because European riders will be given the opportunity to enter a contest where Harley will select 1,000 people to ride Project LiveWire at one of five locations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands from May to August.

If there’s one thing that Project LiveWire has taught us other than the fact that Harley-Davidson can actually build electric motorcycles, it’s that the American manufacturer is taking this seriously enough that it’s embarking on what effectively is a global tour to give riders all over the world a chance to ride Project LiveWire and give their feedbacks on it.

It’s basically the biggest focus group discussion in history but instead of participants coming over, it’s the company that’s going to them.

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Why it matters

You can’t understate the fact that Harley-Davidson is taking this extraordinary step to showcase the Project LiveWire electric motorcycle. It’s one thing to go all over the US to show the bike to riders and ask them what they think about it. But to go all over the world? That’s dedication taken to a whole new level, folks.

The whole premise appears to be the same: Harley goes to a certain market with the Project LiveWire, lets people ride it, and then ask them what they think of the bike so they can make the necessary adjustments on the bike based on these suggestions.

You won’t find that level of commitment, especially from a company that has long been associated with building bikes associated more for their beefiness and gas-guzzling tendencies.

But if there’s a time to venture into the world of electric motorcycles, that time is now. So give credit to Harley-Davidson for taking this extraordinary step of embarking on a global tour just to get people to try out their first electric motorcycle so they can give their feedback on said bike.

If and when Harley does decide to green light Project LiveWire, we can all look back to this incredible attempt at getting people to give the bike a go as one of the turning points that made it all possible.

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