Not too long ago, Harley-Davidson execs stated that The MoCo planned on releasing 50 new models over the next five years. It was assumed that many would be based on existing platforms, and some of the more cynical of us posited that it would likely be nothing more than minor differences in trim packages on just the “traditional” Harleys such as the FL, FX and XL variants. Well, both groups were partly right so far, anyway. H-D’s new model is a quite heavily modified Street 750, definitely not one of the old-school families, and definitely not just a minor trim package.

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What’s the Buzz?

Harley-Davidson Unleashes New Street Rod 750
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As Harley’s customer core ages, and the Japanese sector ramps up the pressure in the European and U.S. cruiser and standard market, the factory found itself needing to attract new types of buyers. One can argue that the Street family already makes inroads in that department, but the new Street Rod 750 takes it to the next level. The shortened steering geometry and larger, 17-inch wheels give it around a 40-degree lean angle and crisp handling like nothing else in Harley’s lineup.

“The Street Rod will put the thrill in any urban commute,” said Mathew Weber, Harley-Davidson Chief Engineer for the Street Rod. “We’ve paired the potent new High Output Revolution X 750 engine with a revised chassis and up-rated suspension components to make the Street Rod quick, light-handling and easy to ride.”

Note the emphasis on urban performance? This is the bait for the young blood Harley needs to attract, that it may indoctrinate yet another generation. The competition has always been more focused on handling and performance, while Harley has relied largely on its name power and its core of die-hard fans, so the guys in Milwaukee are really edging up against their experience envelope by moving so far with this new ride. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained, right? While I was a little surprised by this move, I definitely see the logic and strategy behind it, and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. Meanwhile, stay tuned for my full review coming soon as I delve into the details.

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