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  • Harley-Davidson XR1200
  • Harley-Davidson XR1200 backflip [w/videos]
    com/Action Chuck Carothers Harley Backflip

    Gladiator Games 2009. Chuck Carothers backflip on Harley Davidson XR1200.

  • Harley-Davidson XR1200 backflip [w/videos]
    Kain Saul Backflips a XR1200 Harley Davidson to dirt

    12:55pm Saturday 28 November 2009.

    The first time in the world that a Harley Davidson has been back flipped to Dirt.
    Kain Saul from the Gold Coast-Australia, was the mad man behind the bars.

    The XR1200 Sportster was supplied by Harley Davidson Australia and prepared by Gavin Walker and co from Quick Fix Harley Davidson Mildura, The bike tips the
    scales at 257 kilo and has around 100 horsepower.
    Here are the modifications they made:

    • STD Harley Street rod rear shocks
    • Tag handle bars
    • Strengthened triple trees
    • WP front forks with heavier springs and valving
    • Chain drive with the standard swing arm
    • KTM front master cylinder the rear brake pedal was removed
    • Knobby tires

    The jump took place in Victoria at one of Cam Sinclair’s practice compounds that is owned by Russ and the boys. Cam Sinclair is the first person to throw a double backflip into a freestyle run. He was there to give a hand, he is pretty handy at flipping things.

    Filmed and edited by Firestorm Films. FSF

    The jump and this footage was featured on SPORTS TONIGHT as the PLAY OF THE DAY.

    big ups to SAULY, and all the crew that helped out.

  • Harley-Davidson XR1200 backflip [w/videos]
    Harley-Davidson XR1200