Anybody who’s an aficionado of Harley-Davidson knows who Willie G. Davidson is. As the driving force behind the American bike maker - his last name is literally used in the brand’s own name - Davidson is the quintessential authority on anything related to Harley-Davidson. That’s a big reason why he holds the title Chief Styling Officer Emeritus and Brand Ambassador within the company.

Naturally, his history with Harley-Davidson is unparalleled, which is why it’s incumbent upon fans of the company to pay the H-D Museum a visit when they can. From June 13 to September 7, 2015, the museum will host an exhibit aptly called Willie G. Davidson: Artist, Designer, Leader, Legend. The exhibit is dedicated to the man that carries its name and will feature a treasure trove of historical items belonging to Willie G’s own personal collection.

This includes one-of-a-kind vehicles, original designs, art, rare artifacts and media, giving visitors a chance to learn never-before-divulged information about the company’s iconic history.

The exhibit lasts a good four months so there’s really no reason for Harley fans to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Why matters

I’ll be honest. I’m kicking myself right now knowing that I won’t be able to visit the Harley museum to check out this incredible exhibit. Geographical location prevents me from doing so. It’s a shame considering that I want to see what the exhibit is all about. Tough luck for me.

But it shouldn’t be the case for some of you, especially if you’re within spitting distance - maybe even a little further than that - of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the museum is located. If you can make the trip, I invite you to do so. It’s not often that we get to see an exhibit of this breadth become open to the public.

I already know that I’ll regret not seeing it at some point in my life. But that doesn’t mean a lot of you have to as well. Just do me a favor and send some photos if any of you can.

Source: Harley-Davidson Museum

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