With only a couple of weeks until the flat track racing season opens in Daytona, Henry Wiles could not wait to try out his new SXV 5.5. Mounting studded ice tires and safety fenders, Wiles battled not only some of the nations best dirt track / ice racers, but also temperatures that fell well below zero before factoring in any wind chill factor.

The AMA Kold Kutter Ice Race Nationals are held annually with one race crowning the national champion. The race is held on a half-mile oval course plowed on the lake. Speeds reach over 100 mph. The superior power of the Aprilia SXV 5.5 made easy work of the competition in the Open Pro class. Wiles easily won his qualifying race and positioned himself with a front row start for the main event.

The start of the 8 lap main event proved challenging with Wiles coming out of the first turn in 5th place. Henry wasted no time charging to the front of the pack. With one lap to go Wiles was able to make his move into the lead and pull away to the win.

Henry Wiles wins AMA National Ice Race championship
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Henry Wiles

“That was awesome” elated Wiles after the main event. “I really wanted to ride this race on the SXV 5.5 before we head to Florida to test, we only got the bike a week or so ago and had to push pretty hard to get it changed over for the ice and run in the engine. AF1 Racing Aprilia in Texas set us up with some parts that we needed and Tech Care Suspension lowered and re-set the fork and shocks. It was actually a huge effort by a lot of people to get everything ready in time. The bike handled great. The harder I rode it the better it worked so I just kept going harder and harder.”

In fact, the same Aprilia SXV 5.5 was ridden by Henry’s father, Greg Wiles, in the Open Amateur class. Greg won his heat and then won his main event as well, taking the National title for the amateur division. One Aprilia, two Wiles, two national championships, one day.

Watch for the Aprilia SXV 5.5 this summer on the dirt tracks of America.

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