Romanian designer Laurentiu Trifescu visualizes how a Lamborghini superbike could look like if the Italian supercar maker would ever consider producing one.

The name Caramelo comes, like in the case of most Lambo products, from a famous Spanish bull. This defeated a lion and a tiger in the Madrid arena in 1877. The animal’s courage and strength impressed the audience so much that they yelled for it to be spared and his name is remembered to this day.

Following the true Italian spirit, the Caramelo is supposed to be a superbike built on a tubular steel frame with single-sided swingarm and powered by a powerful 1000cc V4 engine. The design meets the edge style of the Murcielago and Gallardo and it is characterized by angular lines and cleaner surfaces.


Source: motoflash

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  (1) posted on 11.30.2015

what a fantastic bikes to own

mariusghiur  (23) posted on 06.12.2009

Looks to me like a motorcycle that wealthy customers will most likely buy to enlarge their lambo collection rather than to ride hundreds of miles/day on.

mariusghiur  (2) posted on 06.12.2009

yeah but coming from lambo u would expect something like the dodge tomahawk. I wouldn’t buy it because its another thing lambo will chare for the name other than the vehicle. it would probably be 80,000

mariusghiur  (824) posted on 06.12.2009

That Caramelo was one brave bull.
I would have this Caramelo lambobikesmiley than a Murcilago or Gallardo lambocar.

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