For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Honda has prepared a rather unique concept vehicle called the Honda 3R-C Concept. It is actually a single-seat trike that accommodates the rider in a fully enclosed cockpit and which is, obviously, powered by batteries.

Honda 3R-C Concept unveiled ahead of Geneva show Exterior Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Honda 3R-C Concept

This is more like the kind of concept you’d expect from innovative designers eager of global recognition, but considering that this is an official Honda concept and it is going to Geneva, it actually stands great chances to be proposed for production. Read the full press release after the jump.


Honda 3R-C concept World Debut at Geneva International Motor Show 2010

The revolutionary Honda 3R-C concept will make its world debut in Geneva, alongside the EV-N concept which makes its European debut at the show.

Both the three-wheeled 3R-C concept, which envisions a single occupant vehicle for zero emission commuting, and the EV-N urban concept, draw on Honda’s vast working knowledge of vehicles utilising electric motors.

This revolutionary three wheeled battery electric vehicle concept shows what a future minimal urban transport vehicle for one person might look like. The battery electric drivetrain is mounted low in the three wheeled chassis, therefore keeping the centre of gravity low and thus improving stability.

The 3R-C has a clear canopy that covers the driver’s seat while it is parked and not in use. When 3R-C vehicle is in motion, the canopy becomes an enveloping wind-shield that provides the pilot, who sits low in the vehicle, with significant protection from the bodywork and doors.

The high sides of the safety shell seat give greater safety to the occupant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection. In front of the driver is a lockable boot area, which gives significant secure storage for luggage or other items. The 3R-C’s designers created a flexible cover that surrounds the upper torso to reduce exposure to bad weather and improving comfort.

The 3R-C study was created by European designers working at Honda’s Research and Design facility in Milan.

The EV-N concept, which has only previously been shown at the Tokyo Motor Show will make its European debut in Geneva.

The EV-N is a battery electric vehicle study, which evokes the spirit of the diminutive 1967 N360 city car. Honda designers have incorporated Honda’s own solar panels in to the roof of the concept, to charge the car while it is parked. Two of Honda’s U3-X, electric personal mobility devices are attached to the inside of each door. The two-door EV-N concept is envisioned with a Lithium ion battery pack, and small electric motor for predominantly urban use.

FCX Clarity
The two concept vehicles will be displayed alongside Honda’s production fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCX Clarity. The World Green Car winner is being leased by customers in Japan and the US, who are experiencing the range, performance and practicality of this unique zero-emission vehicle. Two of the bespoke hydrogen fuelled vehicles are now permanently stationed in Europe for long-term research purposes. Alongside research work, the pair of FCX Claritys are being demonstrated at events like the COP 15 climate summit in Copenhagen, and the Berlin Climate Conference. The FCX Clarity shows Honda’s continuing commitment to fuel cell electric vehicles as the ultimate zero harmful emission mobility technology.

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  (677) posted on 01.31.2012

It is not stated here how can a person ride in this land rover car. This really looks like the capsule spaceship in the Dragon Ball cartoon.

  (378) posted on 01.11.2012

I just can’t imagine how can a person ride on this bike and what does he/she looks like inside. Cause the looks of the bike is like s spaceship and the person is like an astronaut.

  (532) posted on 06.7.2011

Yeah guys, I’ve been guessing where did they get this idea. From a sci fi movie or manga? Though it looks so weird but has innovative design.

  (474) posted on 03.4.2011

This thing is straight out of "Ghost in The Shell: Stand Alone Complex". If you have the time, do some research and you’ll find it. Basically, you ride it like a scooter, almost squatting forward as if you’re riding a racing bike - and no, it’s not an uncomfortable position.

Oh, BTW, in the show, the screen was some kind of advanced heads-up display with all sort of info replacing the normal gauges.

  (344) posted on 03.10.2010

I thought I was seeing R2. Unlike the Green trike I’ve seen earlier this is more attractive.

Rod  (825) posted on 03.2.2010

It would a nice ride on the moon too.smiley

Rod  (647) posted on 02.24.2010

looks like the police bike on the movie Judge Dredd. IMO it is well suited for the future police bike patrol.

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