The Honda CB450 looks pretty cool in stock condition, but riders who won’t satisfy with that can always choose the rather facile transformation into a café racer. This particular example was spotted in South Africa as it attracted quite a crowd with its 1970s rebel bike appearance.

Like most café racers, this Honda CB450 stands out thanks to a unique tank and seat unit, while the frame, swingarm don’t look like having suffered any modification and the wheels are the original ones.

The overall sporty look is completed by the bikini fairing and vented mudguard, but if we take a better look at the back, the underseat exhaust tends to turn it into a veritable racing motorcycle, which is what café racers were originally supposed to be. Also, the red/white color scheme was the adequate choice in our opinion.

Honda CB450 café racer shows how you can make a bike yours
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Honda CB450 café racer

Source: motorcyclepictureoftheday via MCN

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Rod  (825) posted on 10.30.2009

Now if only Honda would sell a CB450 to look like this I would buy one.smiley
It looks great the owner of this CB450 did excellent job to make this look like a cafe racer.

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