• Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Coming To America

Honda is set to being back the Africa Twin adventure bike in the US, albeit in a different guise from what we’re used to. That shouldn’t be an issue in the long run because the new iteration of the Africa Twin should make its previous incarnations proud.

Specific details surrounding the bike have yet to be announced, but Honda did say that the 2016 CRF1000L Africa Twin will essentially be the finished product of the True Adventure prototype the company showcased at the 2014 EICMA Motorcycle Show last October 2014.

Nice as that is to hear, it still doesn’t answer a lot of questions surrounding the bike since Honda didn’t reveal too much of the prototype back when it was displayed at EICMA.
Here’s what we do know. The bike will officially be called the CRF1000L Africa Twin. The use of the “CRF” name is important because Honda wants the adventure bike to be closely associated to its resident Dakar race bike, the CRF450 Rally.

Recent patent filings of the bike also revealed a few clues on what we can expect from the bike. The most noticeable part of those filings is the unique design of the airbox, which Honda supposedly created to provide more room for a larger fuel tank. That ties into the 1,000cc parallel-Twin engine that the Africa Twin will reportedly have inside its belly.

Performance numbers have yet to be released, but there’s enough reason to believe that while the Africa Twin won’t be as powerful as the BMW R1200GS, Ducati Multistrada 1200, and some of its other European counterparts, it’s going to have a lighter weight than its rivals, thus compensating for the supposed lack in power.

That said, there’s still a lot of information about the CRF1000L Africa Twin that Honda’s keeping close to its chest. Hopefully, details become available sooner than later because we can only enjoy these promo videos and teaser photos for so long.

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Why it matters

It’s hard to keep a straight face when you’re excited about something so it’s a good thing that people can’t see how giddy my face is over this news.

I wasn’t old enough to remember what the original Africa Twin was like. Remember, the original model came with the “XRV650” name and it debuted in 1989after Honda had just finished shining its fourth straight win at the Dakar Rally.

The first incarnation of the Africa Twin was lauded for encapsulating what an adventure motorcycle was supposed to be like. Its had go-anywhere capabilities, sprinkled with rugged durability, and agile handling. In short, the Africa Twin helped redefine the adventure motorcycle segment, turning into one of the most popular and important bike classifications of that era.

Now that the Africa Twin is set to make its dramatic return, Honda understandably went to great lengths to ensure that the reincarnated version of the bike will be able to live up to the standards of its predecessor. So for the first time in the adventure bike segment, the new Africa Twin will come with the option of getting Honda’s Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology, which is not only unique to Honda in motorcycling, but more importantly, has the capability to provide the kind of off-road awareness that the first incarnation of the bike was famous for.

The only thing missing at this point are more details about the bike, but willing to give Honda the time opportunity to make the bike’s debut as memorable as possible. Lord knows, the Africa Twin has earned that much.

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Press Release

Honda is delighted to announce the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names—the Africa Twin. Having clearly shown the direction of its development and intent with the reveal of the True Adventure prototype at EICMA in November 2014, American Honda can now confirm that the all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin will be in U.S. dealers early next year.

Some motorcycles encapsulate perfectly what an adventure motorcycle is all about. The original XRV650 Africa Twin—which debuted in 1989 after Honda’s four successive wins in the Dakar Rally—was one such machine. Its go-anywhere ability, rugged durability, agile handling and all-day comfort made it the perfect partner with which to explore. And it helped to define a motorcycling segment that has now grown into one of the most popular worldwide. The new Africa Twin remains true to all the attributes and abilities of the XRV650 and its successor, the XRV750, while adding the benefits of everything Honda has learned on and off-road over the last decade, including Team HRC’s return to the Dakar in 2013.

Furthermore, in a first for the category, the Africa Twin will feature the option of a new evolution of Honda’s Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology, which remains unique to Honda in motorcycling. This latest evolution of DCT has been specifically developed and programmed to provide the off-road ability with which the Africa Twin is synonymous.

The all-new CRF1000L Africa Twin is set to redefine expectations of just what a large-capacity adventure motorcycle can and should be capable of, both on and off-road, and it opens an entirely new chapter in Honda’s illustrious history of dual-purpose motorcycles made for true adventure.

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