Patent images shows the EV-Cub with two of such batteries

Serving 100 million happy customers is a well-achieved milestone for any business, and no other manufacturer but Honda could have made it seem this easy. Being the first two-wheeler to cross such a mark is the Japanese Red Wing’s Super Cub that began its life way back in 1958. As a matter of fact, 2018 bears a distinct significance for the Super Cub, marking its 60th anniversary.

Celebrating this feat, Honda has been planning an electric version of this mighty scooter with the “EV-Cub” showcased first during the 2009 Tokyo Show and the second iteration at the 2015 show. This little scooter is touted to become the first electric production model from Honda to hit the streets and the recent patent images re-stores the same faith.

Honda developing the EV-Cub with swappable batteries
- image 777223

Over the year, the Japanese fine-tuned the Super Cub to evolve with the generations, and yet the underlying concept remained unchanged since the introduction of the first Super Cub in 1958. This iconic design even managed to become the first one ever to obtain a three-dimensional trademark registration in Japan.

Now for 2018, Honda has given the Super Cub its brand new update and brings back the round curvy design, featuring LED lights for the first time in the Super Cub series. Mashing advanced technologies with traditional Super Cub styling, Honda has not forgotten to look back at their past to go forward.

Honda unveils standardized batteries for EVs' Exterior Technology
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Mobile Power Packs

Thinking much ahead in the future, Honda has also been parallel developing the EV cub for more than a couple of years now. It gained momentum when Honda began collaborating with Hitachi Automotive Systems to develop and manufacture electric systems for future EVs’. Then at the 2018 International CES, Honda showcases their brand new project, the replaceable batteries that can be standardized across all their EVs’ churning inside their factories in the future.

Honda developing the EV-Cub with swappable batteries Exterior
- image 722233
Honda EV-Cub
showcased at 2015 Tokyo International Motorcycle Show

Dubbed as ‘Mobile Power Packs,’ these batteries can be shared among other concept electric machines including the EV Cub according to the patent image we have here. Featuring a swing-out-in cover, we see a couple of the swappable batteries in the underbelly of the Cub. This is also the first time we get to see Honda making use of a dual battery setup on the EV-Cub.

To accommodate this change, Honda has made a dozen changes to its perimeter chassis to enable the Cub to carry those batteries. Honda will also make use of a hub-mounted electric motor derived from their Hitachi collaboration.

Honda created history with 100 million Super Cubs out of its factory gates Exterior
- image 740051
2017 Honda Super Cub

The Japanese Red Winger has played well ahead of anything the competition can throw at them in the world of motorcycles, automobiles, power products and even business jets. Now, it is slowly shifting focus to making the transport of the future that will be powered by batteries and motors.

Honda also has multiple products running currently on the electric power source. At the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the brand showcased the Honda PCX Electric, the Honda PCX Hybrid and the Honda Riding Assist-e motorcycles that tells us about Honda’s trust with the electric generation.

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