Honda’s cooking up a new supermoto bike under the sheets, at least if this latest patent application filed with the European Union’s Office for Harmonisation in the International Market ever amounts to anything.

The design patent was actually filed last March 31, 2015 and from what it looks like, the new design has the makings of a small-displacement supermoto, complete with what looks like a 149cc air-cooled engine, an off-road style fender, and a pair of street tires that appear to be larger than the CRF150F. It also has what looks like a two-level seat, passenger pegs, a larger fuel tank, and a grab rail. Not that I’m trying to nitpick here, but the bike does look a little chunky for a supermoto.

Other than what the patent designs reveal, the full spec of details are still being kept under wraps. That makes sense since Honda hasn’t exactly come out and announced that the bike is already headed to production. Like with most filings, the planned bike will most likely get design updates, that is if Honda does proceed with building the bike in the first place.

Right now, there’s no indication that the Japanese company is prepared to head down that road, at least not yet. Patent applications don’t always pan out, even for companies as big as Honda.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but at this point, I think it’s best to see where Honda takes this application before getting excited about the prospect of seeing a new supermoto from the company.

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Why it matters

I’ve learned from past experiences not to get too excited about these patent applications, especially when it comes to any of Japan’s motorcycle companies.

Yep, I’ve been burned by things like this before. You see one, think it’s going to end up as a production model, and then you end up disappointed upon finding out that only a handful of the parts and components were used from those same patents. So I’ve learned to exercise caution with these things until more details are announced, or in the case of today’s social media-driven world, leaked.

That said, I think it’s ok to talk about the patent application, if only to look at what Honda appears to have planned for the future of its supermoto line.

If you’ve seen the design patents, you might have noticed that the renderings of this new supermoto bears a striking resemblance to the CRF150F, as if Honda used its existing model as a basis for this design. Some of the components used appear to be based on the CRF150F, including one I haven’t mentioned yet: the bike’s frame, which really looks a lot like the semi-double cradle steel frame used on the CRF150F.

Something tells me this wasn’t an accident and could point to a future successor to the CEF150F. That would make some sense if more information were available, but unfortunately, the company’s still keeping those details close to its chest.

Hopefully, we learn more about these patent applications sooner than later. Otherwise, it just might end up like one of those applications that never amounted to anything worth talking about.

Source: OHIM

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