Heading to the EICMA Milan show, Honda is set to bring in a revolutionary model out to the world.

The Japanese Red Wing manufacturer had teased their Neo Sports Cafe project a couple of weeks back which showed us a few glimpses of the naked and short silhouette early on. It went to show the swooping tank design, bench seat, curved handlebars, LED headlight cluster, LED indicators, dual front brake discs with radial calipers and mag wheels.

Now, Honda has launched the second teaser video that highlights the silhouette stronger than before which is a close impression of their concept model showcased at the previous Bangkok International Motor Show. This Project NSC also has a few bits taken from the CB4 concept displayed at EICMA two years ago.

The market, as we speak, is getting filled with a new breed of motorcycle that gives us a glimpse of the past but is in every sense modern. There is no doubt that retro models such as the BMW R nineTs’, Ducati Scramblers’ and Triumph Bonnevilles’ are doing huge business.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s rich heritage, manufacturers are spinning motorcycles that exuberate the classic appeal and character that goes on to showcase their point of arrival into the world of two wheels.

Honda's Neo Sports Café gets teased before the 2017 EICMA.
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Honda 150SS Racer concept

As a matter of fact, the Japanese Red Wing brand had showcased this very concept at the Bangkok International Motor Show this year and called it the 150SS Racer. It was the company’s new design language that highlighted the neo-racer concept into the street bikes.

To be developed under the name “Project N.S.C”, the Neo Sports Cafe will, however, invoke the spirits of the CB750 and the CB1100 range of motorcycles that pays homage to Honda’s long line of capable, reliable and fun street bikes. Honda sure wouldn’t look to the past without looking forward.

Honda gets out a second teaser video for its Project NSC.
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Honda CB4 concept

This second video shows us more of the bike than we already know. The video shows more "JAPANESE CRAFTSMANSHIP" at play with engineers building the engines with stringent quality checks, fit and finish. The bike then gets onto the dynamo to show us a glimpse of the fat rubber along with the exhaust canisters.

The instrument cluster design will corporates a mixture of circular and rectangular design elements carrying part digital-analog combination. There is also a rear tire hugger with license plate holder.

Honda gets out a second teaser video for its Project NSC.
- image 740283
Honda gets out a second teaser video for its Project NSC.
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It is amazing how one can decipher and tell so much about a bike with just a few couple of glimpses. Nonetheless, we cannot confirm engine and other modern mechanicals that will run on the NSC. But be sure of a fuel injected in-line four unit on this.

We’ll get a fair idea of the bike when it is revealed to the world on 6 November, just before the EICMA Milan Motorcycle show.

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