• Honda Gives Fireblade Serious Updates

No More Power But More Rideability

With this upgrade, Honda has addressed criticisms of the latest Fireblade in terms of gearing, while tweaking the electronics at the same time. SP available as 30th Anniversary limited edition.

2022 Honda Fireblade Gets Improved Rideability

Honda Gives Fireblade Serious Updates
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2022 Honda Fireblade
30th anniversary marked by small but significant changes

2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the original Honda CBR900RR Fireblade and, despite the latest version being only two years old, Honda has made a few significant changes to counter mild criticisms.

Power wasn’t a problem, with a peak power output of 214bhp and 83lb.ft of torque, but the gearing had been criticised for being far too tall. While reaching 130mph in second might appeal to some, it did harm mid-range drive and acceleration. To fix this, Honda has fitted a 43-tooth rear sprocket, up from 40-tooth.

Honda Gives Fireblade Serious Updates
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Shorter Gearing
Larger rear sprocket lowers gearing and improves mid-range acceleration

In addition, intake and exhaust gas flow on both bikes has been improved. Airflow into the filter has been adjusted to ‘control the direction of intake air separation and vortex generation’ while the exhaust gets a new middle section to optimise flow into the catalytic converter.

Honda Gives Fireblade Serious Updates
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Tweaked Electronics
Traction control has been tweaked to offer smoother transition

Electronic sophistication was never a problem, Honda using nine-way traction control but this has been further developed to reduce the gap between intervention timing and slip rate giving smoother control.

Honda Gives Fireblade Serious Updates
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SP Anniversary Model
SP gets special paint job marking 30 years since the first ’Blade.

The high-spec SP version gets all the same mods and is also available as a limited edition 30th Anniversary model with a special paint job echoing that of the original.

So, no big changes, but rather evolutionary changes to keep the ’Blade sharp.

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