Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon

A feature that’ll make for an even more relaxed riding experience from the saddle, helping you chip away those miles with ease

Motorcycles are now getting more tech than ever before with each passing day. The latest addition to that growing feature set is the radar-guided cruise control system. A convenience feature that makes even more sense on long-distance touring machines like cruisers.

With Ducati already using such tech on its Multistrada V4 and with BMW, Kawasaki already working on their own interpretation of such a system, the #FOMO bug has bitten Honda. The Japanese bikemaker is on course to introduce adaptive cruise control on its flagship tourer, the Gold Wing. This comes in light of a recent patent filing by Honda.

Honda Gold Wing Adaptive Cruiser Control

Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon
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The system will feature a frontal radar to monitor the distance of the bike from the vehicle ahead

Judging from the patent images, it’s quite clear that the system comprises a front radar sensor. And unlike the slightly odd-looking placement on the Multistrada V4, it should be fairly well-integrated here, thanks to the Gold Wing’s massive fascia.

This frontal radar will help monitor the distance between the bike and the vehicle ahead, to maintain, increase or decrease speed automatically. Quite possibly, the system will feature multiple modes that’ll determine the distance that the rider would like to maintain from the vehicle ahead.

Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon
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Along with this, the main display will also undergo some changes to make space for radar information

Along with this, Honda will also equip the bike with a rear radar for blind spot detection. Again, it could easily be integrated near the panniers.

The next interesting thing that the patents reveal is the instrument console. Honda is considering a pop-up heads-up display for the Gold Wing, which would display speed, radar mode, and other rider information. Besides this, Honda will also tweak the main instrument cluster to display radar information.

With these additional upgrades, the Honda Gold Wing would become one of the most tech-heavy motorcycles in the world, blurring the line between cars and bikes.

Honda Gold Wing Engine & Details

Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon
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The Honda Gold Wing is the company’s most premium motorcycle. And to complement its size, Honda has equipped the Gold Wing with a huge 1,833cc, six-cylinder engine that puts out 126 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque.

The engine comes with two transmission options: a six-speed manual with reverse gear and a seven-speed DCT with walking mode and reverse gear.

Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon
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Finally, the radar-guided cruise control, with the DCT gearbox, could let the system change gears automatically when accelerating or decelerating

Considering the bike could shift gears and stay in the proper powerband while automatically accelerating and decelerating, which isn’t possible with a manual gearbox. the adaptive cruise control system, in conjunction with the seven-speed DCT, would be a match made in heaven.

Honda Gold Wing Set To Gain Radar-Guided Cruise Control Soon
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With features like a 55-watt speaker system, TPMS, connectivity, cup-holders, heated grips, and seats, the Gold Wing is arguably one of the most feature-packed cruiser bikes on the market

Apart from this, the Gold Wing already packs an exhaustive list of features including

  • Speakers
  • Cup-holders
  • Heated grips
  • Bluetooth controls
  • Smart key
  • Hill assist
  • TPMS
  • Electric windshield

just to name a few. However, thanks to all this hardware, and the bike’s massive size, the Gold Wing tips the scale at a substantial 790 pounds.

Honda Gold Wing Price

There’s no question that the Gold Wing is part of Honda’s premium offering. And it is priced like one too, with prices starting from $23,500 going up to $32,500.

Source: Motorrad Magazine

Engine 1,833cc, six-cylinder
Power 126 horsepower
Torque 125 pound-feet
Gearbox 6-speed manual or 7-speed DCT
Front suspension Double-wishbone system w/ Showa shock absorber, 4.3 in. travel
Rear suspension Pro-Link® system w/ Showa shock absorber, 4.1 in. travel
Seat height 29.3 inch
Front brake Twin 320mm discs
Rear brake 316mm disc
Weight 787 lbs to 847 lbs, depending on variant
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