• Honda introduces the world’s first hybrid scooter

But will be only sold in Japan

Prior to 2013, the PCX came with a 125 cc engine and a 1.6-gallon fuel tank in the US. With a make-over in 2013, the PCX125 gave way to the PCX150 and a new chapter in the globally produced Honda scooter was launched. Since then, the scooter has received periodical updates to keep things fresh in the segment.

Now, Honda Japan is launching a new PCX carrying the same old 125cc mill but this time, they have a new trick up its sleeve. Launching a couple of months from now, the new PCX 125 will carry a hybrid powertrain. Doing so, Honda Motor will become the first manufacturer to launch a production hybrid scooter and it was first showcased at the previous Tokyo Auto Show.

Honda introduces the world's first hybrid scooter
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Primarily designed for the Asian market, the PCX has always been a popular commuter scooter offering extra-value-added in luxury feel and performance. Now, it is increasing its appeal with an added 48-volt lithium battery along with the OHC four-stroke single mill that makes about 12 hp.

The built-in starter/generator/drive motor adds in another couple of horses, but not exactly to the 12 hp petrol powered mill. The electric motor rather assists the scooter in the first four seconds when you pull away from signals and in urban snarls. It adds only 11 pounds to the overall mass of the scooter.

Honda introduces the world's first hybrid scooter
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It will eventually assist the 125cc motor with cutting emissions and increasing fuel efficiency apart from the intense acceleration which you wouldn’t find in any other peasant liquefied dinosaur powered 125cc scooter. The scooter will get "D" and "S" drive modes and will expect to give 122 mpg, 3 mpg more than the standard 125.

The skin on the new PCX is also similar to the PCX 150 we have here. It gets more curves than lines now, and the highlight has been the brand new LED lighting setup all around the body. Out front, a large, central LED headlight is accompanied by a pair of long, upwardly-slanting LED turn signals. Other features include a new LCD instrumentation, a helmet hook, 12-V charging socket, larger under seat storage, and a small storage space in the front apron of the scooter.

Honda puts its Elecrtic future on stands at the Tokyo Motor show. Exterior
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Honda puts its Elecrtic future on stands at the Tokyo Motor show. Exterior
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Honda introduces the world's first hybrid scooter
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Honda puts its Elecrtic future on stands at the Tokyo Motor show. Exterior
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Under all that jazz is a new steel duplex cradle frame that replaces the underbone tubular steel frame ultimately providing an improved feel of stability and control. Suspension units remain the same with the front using a 31mm telescopic unit, while the twin rear shocks receive tri-rate springs. The revised position of the rear-suspension unit is how Honda managed to have a bigger air-filter in the first place. Additionally, the braking setup now gets an optional single channel ABS with the 220mm single front disc and 130mm rear drum equipment.

It goes on sale in Japan this September, with an initial run of 2000 bikes being built in Vietnam, priced at ¥432,000 (roughly US$3,900) a piece. Honda had also showcased a fully electric PCX scooter at the Tokyo Show along with this PCX Hybrid that is touted to come in 2019. We hope Honda gets these babies across the pond and more so with the 150cc mill.

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