Honda has initiated a voluntary recall campaign for owners of no less than 33 motorcycle models that are all suspected of having defective starter relay switches.

According to Honda, the sealants that put these starter relay switches in place may have been improperly applied, and in some cases, they could lead to increased resistance in the motorcycles’ main fuse. When this happens, the current flow between the battery and bike’s electrical system may be interrupted, preventing the bike from starting or cause an engine stall in cases where the engine is running. The latter scenario poses an inherent risk of a crash. Honda also indicated that the defect may cause a fire because of the defective working conditions in the main fuse.

It’s obviously a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The sheer number of affected models is reason enough to be concerned and owners of affected models are highly encouraged to contact their dealers so they can find out if their bikes are part of the affected lot. Honda dealerships have already been notified of the recall and have also been instructed to replace the parts if they’re found to be defective.

The company didn’t say how many total units are affected by the defect, but the mere fact that 33 models have been tagged means that this particular recall is going to be a real doozy. I can’t name all the models affected by the recall in this page, so if you want to find out if your bike falls under those that have been red-flagged, you can check it out after the jump.

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Why it matters

This is a huge recall in every sense of the word. That much can’t be understated. Worse, all of the affected models have been tagged as being 2014MYs to 2016MYs, which means that all of them are relatively new. That’s not going to inspire a lot of confidence from prospective owners of Honda motorcycles, but as is the case in times like this, brand image takes a complete backseat over the safety of bike owners.

There’s no going around this because the problem is serious enough to cause a fire. Even if it doesn’t turn into a ball of flames, the potential for a crash is also there if a stall happens at the wrong time. Even when neither of these things happen, the looming threat is there that something can go wrong. It’s bad news any which way you look at it.

Hopefully, owners will be smart and prudent enough to understand the risks that come with ignoring this recall. If there’s even the speck of a threat to their safety, I hope that they can do the right thing and contact their local Honda dealerships to find out if their bikes are affected by the recall.

Honda has said that there have been no reports of injuries or casualties from this problem. Owners of these bikes should now try their best to keep it that way.

In any case, here are the models that are affected by the recall. Look at it carefully to see if your particular bike is a part of it.

Model MY Affected
NM4 2016
CTX700N 2015
CTX700N DCT ABS 2015
Interstate 2014, 2015
Interstate ABS 2014, 2015
Shadow Aero 2014, 2015
Shadow Aero ABS 2014, 2015
Shadow Phantom 2014, 2015
Stateline 2014, 2015
Stateline ABS 2014, 2015
Shadow Spirit 750 2014
Shadow Spirit 750 ABS 2014
Fury 2014, 2015
Fury ABS 2014, 2015
CRF 250L Dual Sport 2014, 2015
CB 300F 2015
CB 500 F 2015
CB 500F ABS 2014, 2015
CBR 300R 2015
CBR 300R ABS 2015
CBR 500R 2014, 2015
CBR 500R ABS 2014, 2015
CBR 600RR 2015
CBR 600RR ABS 2015
CBR 650F 2014, 2015
CBR 650F ABS 2014, 2015
CTX 700 2014, 2015
CTX 700 DCT ABS 2015
CTX 700D 2014
CB500X 2014, 2015
CB500X ABS 2014, 2015
NC700X 2014, 2015
NC700X DCT ABS 2014, 2015
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