Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers

According to Japanese sources, Honda could soon add two new scrambler bikes to its lineup

With exponential growth in the popularity of scramblers, almost every major bike maker has a Scrambler of some sort in their line up. However, one manufacturer that is yet to add one though, is Honda.

According to the latest rumors in Japan, this could change soon as the company is looking to introduce not one but two new scrambler offerings based on the popular Rebel 500 and Rebel 250 platforms.

Accordingly, Japanese artist Shinji Miyakubo has used his rendering skills to give us an idea about what these upcoming Scramblers could look like.

Honda CL250 & CL500 Scrambler

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
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And finally, meet Honda’s first-ever scrambler, the 1962 CL72. Need more details? Then, check our full story by swiping up.

Before getting into the renders, let us tell you why we’re referring to these bikes as the CL250 and CL500 in the first place. You see, Honda’s first scrambler motorcycle was unveiled back in 1962. Dubbed the CL72, it took inspiration from the road-going CB72 and featured a 250cc motor, like the Rebel 250. Hence, the upcoming bike could officially be called the CL250 indicating a resurrection of Honda’s first scrambler.

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
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Rumors suggest that Honda is planning to introduce two new scramblers and this is how the 250cc model could look like

Coming to the render itself, the modernized CL250 looks nothing short of impressive, thanks to elements like fork gaiters, an upswept exhaust, and a flat tuck-and-roll seat. All this is topped off by a blue and white paint scheme inspired by the 1968 Honda Dream CL250.

Meanwhile, the tail end and alloy wheels are all reminiscent of the Honda CB350RS, the company’s scrambler-type product for the Indian market.

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
- image 1059363

Like the CL250, the artist has also re-imagined the Rebel 500 as a scrambler, owing to the bike’s popularity in Europe.

The design elements like the headlight, gaited forks, and alloy wheels, are all similar to the CL250 but this one, being a twin-cylinder offering, has two upswept exhausts which, dare we say, look identical to the Triumph Street Scrambler.

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
- image 1059359
And this right here is the artist’s take on a Rebel 500-based scrambler

Here, the paint scheme is inspired by the 1970 Dream CL450, a scrambler based on the Honda CB450.

If Honda indeed went ahead and resurrected the iconic CL lineup, it’d surely give the Japanese bikemaker a much-needed boost, both in terms of sales and popularity. Bonus points to Honda if the actual bikes look as good as these renders.

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Honda Rebel 500 & Rebel 250 Price & Specs

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
- image 1059362
And this is how the mid-spec Rebel 500 (or CMX 500) looks like

The Honda Rebel 500 (officially called the CMX 500) is the company’s mid-capacity cruiser motorcycle, retailing for $6,399. With a rad low-slung design, the bike uses Honda’s 471cc, parallel-twin engine, which also does duty on the CB500s. It puts out a respectable 47 horsepower and 31 pound-feet of torque while being accompanied by a six-speed gearbox.

Honda Rebel 250 & Rebel 500 Re-Imagined As Scramblers
- image 1059364
For reference, this is what the Rebel 250 cruiser looks like

Coming to the smaller Rebel, it is heavily based on the Rebel 500 and looks quite identical to it. Built around the same chassis as the CMX 500, the Rebel 250 broke cover in 2017, employing a 249cc, single-cylinder mill putting out 26 horsepower and 16 pound-feet.

This bike, however, is mainly sold in the Japanese market, where it costs around $5,000 based on the current currency conversion rates.

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