The waiting game for news surrounding a production version of the Honda RC213V-S still has no definite end in sight, but we take our small victories any way we can get them. That includes seeing for the first time the badge that will be used on Honda’s most powerful road-going superbike. It’s not exactly the kind of information we were looking for, but like I said, any updates regarding the RC213V-S will be well-received on our end.

Sadly, that’s about the only update Honda has released about its prized new motorcycle. There are still whispers that the bike will make its official debut on June 11, 2015, just ahead of the Barcelona round of the 2015 MotoGP season. It would be a nice setting for such a debut, but we’ve learned first-hand not to take speculation seriously unless there’s reason to believe that there’s weight behind them.

For now, the logo is what we have going for us. Even if it’s not much, it’s still something we can cling to as we wait for Honda to finally launch the sportsbike. We’ve waited long enough to see a production version of the RC213V-S after first laying eyes on the concept version that made its debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show last November 2014.

There’s also talk that the RC213V-S is going to be an expensive machine that could sell well north of six figures. Numerous websites have made that claim, but until Honda makes an announcement on that, we’re going to treat it with a grain of salt.

Expect to read and hear more about the Honda RC213V-S in the coming days. If Honda really is serious about launching the bike at the Barcelona GP on June 11, 2015, then the time for more details to be revealed should happen in the next few days.

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Why it matters

The logo itself looks plain and boring, but it shouldn’t really matter if the RC213V-S is everything it’s been promised to be.

From what we’ve gathered, it does appear that a production version of the RC213V-S is in the cards. That would mean that I was wrong about being skeptical about the bike in the first place. There’s no shame in that since I’ve been wrong about these things more times than I’ve been right. But I really didn’t think Honda would build it but now that it appears that it has, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong again. Again, not the first time, nor will it be the last.

Now that I’m done publicly shaming myself for not being more optimistic about Honda’s plans for the RC213V-S, I’m turning my attention on anticipating when and where Honda will debut the bike. As was previously mentioned, there have been rumors that the debut will happen on June 11, 2015 in Barcelona, just ahead of the next round of the current 2015 MotoGP season.

I’d like for that to happen since that’s a little less than two weeks from now. Maybe we’ll even see details of the bike sooner than that. Whatever happens, I’m just glad that Honda listened to the public’s wishes of seeing the RC213V-S in production guise.
All we have to do now is wait for when Honda decides to part the curtains, unveiling the RC213V-S in all its awesome glory, bland badge notwithstanding.

Source: Honda

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