• Honda TV Advertising is Some of the Best You’ll Ever See

  • One Of Each Model In The Honda Line-Up They gather to form an orchestra
  • The Conductor is a DJ The bikes are not actually playing the song, more acting as a backing track
  • What Is It Actually Proving? It's not obvious what the point of this ad is, but we still like it
  • Honda Imagination Never ones to do the obvious, Honda always comes up with something special.

Whether for cars or bikes, these are brilliant

Honda has made some of the best TV adverts of any manufacturer, whether for cars or bikes. The latest, for Honda Brazil, is slightly bizarre but it’s still an inventive way of showing off the full range, by having them all conducted as if they form an orchestra.

Honda TV Ads Are The Best

The emergence of this latest advert from Honda, for the Brazilian market, got us thinking about some of the other brilliant Honda ads over the years.

The latest one shows the whole range of Honda motorcycles being conducted as if they are an orchestra, with the engine notes providing the music. It’s cleverly done, if a little bizarre!

However clever it is, it will never top this next ad which was brilliantly conceived and executed:

And, for inspiration, how about this one, which we have featured before but it’s so good, there’s no apologies for featuring it again. It shows a guy riding and driving a mouth-watering selection of Honda cars and bikes, from a Monkey bike through a Super Cub, Goldwing, 1960s GP bike and Formula 1 car and so on right up to the present day and power bots, jets and scooters. This is actually a slightly longer and different version of the one we’ve featured before which just means there’s more to enjoy.

What are your favourite motorcycling or car-related adverts?

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