Honda has long planned the introduction of the new VFR and it seems that 2009 is the perfect year. I can believe this after five years of work at the new model, but the time surely pays off as the bike promises to stands for refinement, performance and a sense for style.

Waiting to be unveiled this fall, the new Honda sport-tourer comes at the perfect time to find its place in the garages of VFR 800 and CBR 1100 XX Super Black Bird owners.

What will make it take versatility to a whole new level is the long-bragged 1000cc V5 engine inspired on the 990cc one on the RC211V. With three cylinders in the front and two in the back, the new powerplant promises to send the R1-powered Yamaha FZ1 back on the drawing board.

Honda VFR 1000 V5 waiting to be launched in 2009
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I most appreciate the fact that it apparently didn’t fall in the “sport bike” sin. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen cars with V5 engines and it will definitely be sporty, but the seat is designed for comfort and the handlebars will keep the rider well relaxed and still not feel like riding on top of it. You can say that by simply looking at it so imagine what it is to actually ride one. Patience my friends, patience!

The project has been lead by engineer Yoshiteru Kinoshita helped by a team of HRC Honda designers together with the same people that made the 2008 CBR1000RR the best motorcycle in its class today and we reckon the new VFR will follow the same success graphic as it will feature new everything (frame, suspensions, brakes, gearbox).

Honda VFR 1000 V5 waiting to be launched in 2009
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First presented in 1986, the VFR is an equivalent for touring and reliability. Related to the fact that it withstood the test of time I invite you to share your opinions with us.

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