Meet BluSnap. A cooling device made by an Indian start-up

We’ve all been there. Have huge miles to cover through blistering hot weather and the humid air is not making things any better. Sweat is trickling down our neck, and that itchy scalp makes us wish we could rip it off our head. Feeling fresh arriving at the destination only means feeling liberated when the helmet comes off the head. Well, thanks to an Indian start-up, not anymore.

BluArmor, a subsidiary of a motorcycle gear company called AptEner Mechatronics have launched a brand new life-saving helmet cooling device – The BluSnap. It is a battery-operated air-cooler that simply snaps onto any full-face helmet and provides fresh and cool air that will circulate inside your helmet to keep you fresh and fatigue-free even after a long ride.

It is a patent-pending design that will carry enough juice to give you freshness for 2 hours at a stretch. The rechargeable batteries and a small water tank act like any conventional air-cooler and create a micro-climate situation inside your helmet. It will provide enough cooling power to get the temperatures inside your helmet 6 to 15 degrees lower than ambient.

The batteries will last for 10 hours, and the small water tank will need to be replenished every two hours. The snap-and-go system allows you to tether the device to any size full-face helmets in under 30 seconds. “It cools a confined space, and continuously flows enough air in that space at temperatures below the skin temperature to accelerate heat removal.”

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The fan blows cooling air through the replaceable anti-bacterial filter and is worn around the mouth-vents on the front of a full-face helmet. Held on via a stretchable strap, the device has two tubes running under the helmet to deliver cool, particulate-free air to the rider. The whole device can be switched on and off via a switch button, and the air flow can be controlled via a knob.

It is designed not to hinder the helmet’s operation like the visor operation and will also be snapped off the helmet in the event of an accident. You get five different strap color options and is priced only at ₹1,600 ($25). They will ship it to North America for a reasonable shipping fee. Deliveries set to commence from the middle of March.

How would you like your helmet have air conditioning?
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BluArmor is also developing a helmet with an integrated cooling system in partnership with India’s biggest helmet manufacturer, Vega. Their Axor line of helmets integrated with this innovation will hit the shelves later this year. A new smartphone app will also be made available where the rider could control the temperature or the air-flow.

“If the time had indeed come for a cooling helmet, then the day was not far off when every helmet would integrate thermal control (how many people buy a car that doesn’t have AC?). Which meant that an integrated cooling helmet should be on the roadmap.”

How would you like your helmet have air conditioning?
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