• Husqvarna unveils 2009 TC 450 and TE 310 models

    2009 Husqvarna TC 450
  • 2009 Husqvarna TE 310

The exhibition in Barcelona was a perfect opportunity for Husqvarna to thrill its fans with two models that have just received green light for future production. The new TC 450 and TE 310 have been displayed for the first time in front of national press and audience by Andrea Bartolini and current MX3 riders Thomas Allier and Christophe Martin.

Aiming a sweeter spot in the rider’s hearts, the revolutionary TE 310 enters the scene with a new engine capacity situated half way between a sometimes weak 250 and a too powerful 450 four-stroke.

Highly appreciated, even before anybody would swing a leg over the two Husky jewels, it is all due to their spectacular graphics and black anodized rims which will certainly give a nice distinctive look out on the track. In the pictures attached you can also see that the maker keeps on going with the tricolor scheme (Red, White and Black).

Husqvarna unveils 2009 TC 450 and TE 310 models
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2009 Husqvarna TE 310

But as we see in detail, the TE 310 - model which takes the Husqvarna four-stroke range to four models - and the TC 450 have completely new chassis which reduce the overall weight with 1 kg in relation to the 2008 models and yet offers different stiffness which improves the handing and overall riding-in-control feeling.

Also, much to do with that have the new wave disc brakes which implement advanced technology and are designed to work efficiently even in the roughest conditions. On the sides of the engine a pair of guards made out of plastic give us a clue on where these bikes are going, but wherever it does, the renewed front suspension assures us that the ride will be comfortable.

The new and more compact electronic tool will tend to make you forget about the engine’s bore (in the case of the TE 310) which was increased to 83mm from 76mm on the 250. Well worth mentioning is the fact that the exhaust valves are made of steel for greater reliability and longer life.

Starting with 2009 models Husqvarna introduces the over-pressure valve oil circuit ensuring the best performance when it comes to cold starting and not only. There is a new oil filter offering greater efficiency and a new filter skid mobile distribution for greater reliability.

On the new TC 450 there is the new titanium exhaust system that helps the engine give better throttle response at low revs. You will also notice the Marzocchi forks and Sachs shock absorber, but something unnoticeable from stand still is the retuning suffered by these units.

At a first glance it seems that the bikes are in for great careers on the tracks and trails around the world, but we still look forward for the retail prices and complete specs sheet.

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