Apparently in an effort to reduce the effects of increased gas prices on customer pockets and that of global worming on Mother Nature, but actually a great way of staying strong on the market, Honda plans to introduce its first hybrid motorcycles until the beginning of 2011.

The system will be borrowed from the Honda Insight hybrid car and it will be implemented on motorcycles featuring 200cc and up to 1000cc traditional internal combustion engines. Engineers hope to squeeze car components on the future bikes and see the short way for this big evolutionary step.

Also, Honda will start production of smaller electric motorcycles in 2010, among which can also be found the successor of the Cub series. In this case, engines will be sized from 50 to 125cc and the bikes powered in such way are most likely to put the world of two wheels, like the first Honda Cub did.

Still, history won’t literally repeat itself as the new electric motorcycles will have a 30 kilometers range. Hopefully that’s enough to take you to and from work every day.

Source: Hellforleathermagazine via The Mainichi Daily News

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