Idiot of the Day: Man Robs Bank, Buys Bike The Next Day

Now he’s in Jail after posting pics on social media

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A 23-year old in Vietnam robbed a bank and the very next day posted on social media photos of himself standing outside a dealership with his brand new Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja.

Vietnamese Guy Robs Bank: Buys Bike The Next Day

Idiot of the Day: Man Robs Bank, Buys Bike The Next Day
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Man Robs bank....

You have to wonder at the intelligence of some people. Not necessarily the nerve, which needs to be pretty steady if you’re going to rob a bank and successfully walk away with around $150,000. No, I’m talking about the overall intelligence and the recognition that certain actions after the robbery might not be in your own best interests!

On January 7th, a Vietnamese guy robbed a bank at gunpoint and came away with 3.5 Billion Dong (about $150,000: don’t you just love foreign currencies! I’d love to be a billionaire!).

Idiot of the Day: Man Robs Bank, Buys Bike The Next Day
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...And Gets Away With It
He takes more than $150,000

Fair play to the guy: you take a chance and get away with it. Well, up to a point anyway! It doesn’t really help when you go out the very next day and buy yourself a brand new Kawasaki ZX-10R Ninja and post about the purchase on your social media profile, especially when you are a known personality on there, which apparently he is in Vietnam!

Idiot of the Day: Man Robs Bank, Buys Bike The Next Day
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Then He Buys A Bike
And posts pictures on Social Media. Now he’s in jail!

While alarm bells might have started to ring at the dealership as a 23-year old plonks a huge wad of cash on the table to buy a bike, the act of posting those pictures on social media was what sunk him, especially when he was a known personality on SM and his followers recognised him in the police mugshots!

The police caught him a couple of days later, finding the bike, the remaining cash and the gun used used in the robbery.

Clever fellow!

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