A sportsbike, enduro, cafe-racer, chopper and also a Tron cycle

The Vespa today takes the best of fine Italian dressing and packs it in a niche retro silhouette. It became a cornucopia of sorts for people wanting a machine that could take them back in time and re-live the classic age. People love Vespa or simply hate their classic vintage looks.

How would you react seeing a Vespa chopper? Or a Vespa Enduro motorcycle? It is tough to imagine one right? Thanks to the chaps at Jennings Harley-Davidson, a dealership with shops in both Leeds and Gateshead in the UK, you don’t have to break your head much for it.

They’ve designed six absolutely bonkers Vespa concepts that distill visual cues and character of what the Italian retro maker could actually push outside their factories down the lane. Or probably not. But why not have some fun imagining yeah?

1. Vespa chopper

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Chopper

Designed by the chaps at a Harley-Davidson dealer, it was but obvious their imagination first went onto a chopper. Born out of the late 50s’ American dream, the high ape handlebars and the sissy bars were in vogue. It is perhaps the most extreme of all custom styles, often using radically modified steering angles and lengthened forks for a stretched-out appearance.

When you add all of that onto a Vespa body kit, you get this elongated chopper that seems like it can comfortably seat three bearded folks. The small scooter tires get replaced with laced rims, and there is enough storage to carry all your beer and some more beer. That electric orange though looks fab.

2. Vespa Sport Bike

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Sport Bike

Yes, it looks like a Hayabusa. Harley doesn’t make any full faired sports bikes (hey, how would that look now? Let’s keep that for another day.) The bulbous fairings and bodyworks are all here, but the inline-four pot motor will probably not fit under a Vespa chassis. The 50cc you’d usually get from an everyday Vespa will never take this Sports Bike anywhere near the triple-digit speeds.

Slick sports tires and huge monoblock calipers clutching onto twin discs is a bit of an overthrow but works absolutely perfect to depict the stature of a big-ass, mile crunching machine. And those monolithic mufflers will do no justice to the 2-stroke trumpets from a tiny engine.

3. Vespa Touring Bike

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Touring Bike

Again, being a Harley creation, a touring machine is probably apt. Somehow this rendering works being a long distance traveler. With scooters and tourers like the Street Glide doing wonders with weather protection, this Vespa creation takes the best of both. Those saddles look comfier than the chair I am sitting on now.

There is even space for a passenger and luggage, making it the perfect bike for a road trip. Huge panniers seem to carry a spare wheel to cover punctures on those long runs. Comes complete with the full entertainment package including satellite radio and GPS.

4. Vespa Off-road/Dirt Bike

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Off-road/Dirt Bike

This perhaps is my favorite of all. Somehow, the Vespa body seems to perfectly feel at home with the enduro chassis and stance that comes along with the top of the line long travel suspension setup and the knobby tires. Enough to traverse sand, gravel, mud, snow or even a river. Forget bash plates, the Vespa body panel will keep everything at bay.

The 21” wheels laced with steel spokes is totally on the opposite spectrum of what the Vespa stands for but can it pull it off or what?The rear ditches the panniers and gets a fancy looking muscular bodywork with lines and creases all along. Its striking panels are as modern as they arrive and the rider gets enough leg room for standing up on those rough terrains.

5. Vespa Café Racer

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Café Racer

This is the closest thing attributed to the Vespa’s satire of old heritage. The style quotient is running high with the minimalist bodywork, and control layout recalls those early-1960s Grand Prix road racers, and it would be a dream to drive.

The low mounter handlebars, prominent seat cowls and the elongated fuel tank, it’s all in here. Boxer twin engines seen here keep the retro appeal of the bike intact but are sure to burn the rear of the rider’s thighs for sure. Side panniers remain accentuating the vintage feels.

6. Vespa Light Cycle (Tron Motorcycle)

If Vespa made more than just scooters, this is how they might look
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Vespa Light Cycle (Tron Motorcycle)

I can definitely see Vespa trying this out sometime far in the future and release a concept that we can all fall in love with. Based on the Disney film, Tron Legacy, we saw Sam Flynn move around the battle scene in a futuristic motorcycle we’ve all loved. This is Vespa’s inspiration.

The set also has a dashboard console with handlebars and detailing on the sides. The whole creation has the Grid effect with black and trans-blue giving it a beautiful glow creating the virtual Tron feeling to the build. Steering is done by tilting the cycle, and there is a pair of small fins to help you balance or brake.

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