It’s safe to say that women riders are one of the fastest-growing groups in the two-wheel field, and that they are, traditionally, under-represented in the protective and practical riding gear markets. No, high-heel pillion boots do not qualify as such, in case you were wondering. Though you can find plenty of hoochie-mama apparel and a smattering of real gear at almost any large event, there’s never been an event that caters specifically to serious riders of the fairer sex; until now. Introducing the first ever, “Revved-Up Women’s Motorcycle Rally,” an all-weekend event at the end of April centered around the needs of female riders with opportunity for new riders, and even potential ones, to learn more about the lifestyle in a safe environment. I am so excited about this event.

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What’s the Buzz?

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The “Big Boys,” to include Harley-Davidson, BMW, Polaris/Indian and Yamaha, will be on hand with gear, presentations and workshops in addition to guided bike rides and a fashion show. Big names among women riders will be there including Genevieve Schmitt, publisher of Women Riders Now, and Tricia Szulewski, creative director and writer for American Iron Magazine. Basic and advanced riding lessons will be administered by champion racer Shelina Moreda, and Krystal Hess — founder of Motorcycle Missions — will deliver her “Motorcycle Mechanics 101 and Beyond” seminar. Brittany Morrow from Rock The Gear will present her safety spiel that comes with the cringe-worthy title “How To Not Skin Yourself Alive,” which is an ugly but accurate description of the effects of taking a slide without the proper gear, to be sure. Last but not least, Jen Dalton representing the all-women motorcycle club The Litas. This is a big step forward for women within the riding culture, since most clubs are men’s clubs and the most that the women can expect there is a “property patch.”

This shindig is set to go down on April 28th through the 30th at Retama Park in San Antonio, Texas. If you’re interested, you can register at the site, but you better hurry since it is just a month out. Ladies, this is a genuine opportunity to attend a historical event, and one could even argue it’s something of a step for equality as well. However you choose to interpret it, this looks like an event that is not to be missed.

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