A few weeks after CARB Documents revealed some interesting details about the Indian Chief Dark Horse, Indian Motorcycles finally let the cat out of the bag, announcing its plan to stage a rally in Chicago to coincide with the bike’s launch.

The Polaris-owned motorcycle brand took the unusual step of announcing the model’s return to the Indian lineup with a challenge to anybody who is “tough enough” to join the company in the Dark Horse Challenge.

What exactly is the Dark Horse Challenge? Indian didn’t really dive into the specifics of what it has in store for those who take up the invitation, but from what I can tell, everyone’s invited to join the group as it descends into downtown Chicago on February 13, 2015.

More importantly, Indian has promised to give those who do take up its offer exclusive access to attend the launch of its “new model.”

Care to venture a guess that said “new model” isn’t the Chief Dark Horse?

Riders of all types are free to join in on the fun, provided they sign up and register to join on the event’s dedicated web page. It’s the link below, if you’re having trouble finding it on Google.

Oh, allow me to extend a hat tip to the folks over at Motorcycle.com for breaking the news about details of the Chief Dark Horse found in those CARB documents.

Click past the jump to read more about the impending return of the Indian Chief Dark Horse.

Why it matters

The return of the Dark Horse is a little surprising considering that Indian stopped producing the model only a few years ago. Apparently, the company either thought that it made a rash decision in doing so, or it underestimated the bike’s popularity among the masses.

Either way, it looks like the Indian Chief Dark Horse is set to return with a bang, joining its Chief brethren that includes the Classic, the Vintage, the Chieftain, and the Roadmaster.

As far as the "challenge" is concerned, I actually think it’s a pretty smart marketing idea to invite the public to join in the ride-through. You get a lot of traffic - the literal and figurative types - by doing so, and it gives the Chief Dark Horse a nice little platform to make its successful return.

My schedule won’t allow me to participate, but I do hope that a lot of you take up Indian’s offer and join in the festivities. At the very least, it should be a lot of fun.

Source: Polaris

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