• Indian cops give red roses to motorcycle riders. LOL

    These roses are for me? Oh, my dear officer, you shouldn't have

Police in the eastern state of West Bengal have given motorcycle riders without mandatory headgear a bunch of red roses and helmets to drive home a safety campaign.

"It’s a great lesson for me; one that I will never forget," said architect Benoy Chowdhury, who got a helmet after being caught without one while on a motorcycle in West Bengal state, of which Kolkata is the capital.

Another 100 such traffic violators were given the roses and helmets in the state’s Howrah city during the week-long awareness campaign that ended Monday.

"We have experienced that imposing fines had little effect on erring motorcyclists," Howrah police superintendent N.K. Singh said Tuesday.

More than 200 people were killed in 500 traffic accidents in the city of 4.5 million last year, police said.

Source: www.afp.com

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