Indian Motorcycle released its FTR750 flat-track bike to the general public for the first time. Perhaps “general” is too general of a word. Allow me to be more specific: the bike is available for folks who can afford to pay $50,000 for a non-street legal bike with no front brakes, though bona fide race teams will see a five-grand savings at the till. Providing, of course, that you can meet all of the prerequisites and cough up the $5,000 earnest money required to get the ball rolling. You see, Indian had a dilemma. The American Flat Track rules state that the engines on the race track must be based on “existing production designs,” yet Indian hasn’t use the 750 cc mill on any other bike to date. The solution? Release the thing as-is to the public market. I’m not sure the factory will sell many units with this maneuver, but I’m quite positive that it meets the requirements to compete.

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Flat Tracking

Indian Makes Flat Track Race Bike Available To The Public
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Flat-tracking has been around as an organized sport since the ’50s, with roots that actually go back to the ’30s, but the rise of supercross fandom in the ’80s all but killed the sport. Lately we have seen a resurgent interest, and I expect that to continue to increase as long-time rivals Harley-Davidson and Indian once again duke it out on the clay for dominance of the American market, just like old times. Unlike Indian, the H-D mill was already available in the production Street 750 and is definitely in a more buyer-friendly package, but credit where it’s due, the fact that the Indian is an official race machine gives it a certain appeal that the confused, water-cooled, street-cruiser-ish H-D ride lacks.

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Indian Scout FTR750 Specifications

Engine Architecture: V-twin 4 stroke
Valve Actuation: Chain-driven direct-acting DOHC
V-Angle: 53º (20º forward and 33º backward)
Displacement: 748cc
Bore: 88mm
Compression Ratio: 14:1
Intake Valve Diameter: 35.5mm
Exhaust Valve Diameter: 30.0mm
Balance System: Split balance shaft arrangement
Gearbox: 4 speed
Air Induction: 38mm twin-bore, rotary valve throttle body with idle air control
Primary Ratio: 32:60 (1.875)
Secondary Ratio: 17:43 (2.53) as delivered, an additional sprocket available
Clutch: Multi-disc clutch, oil bath, mechanically activated
Rake/Trail: 25º / 92mm w/ adjustability
Wheel Base: 1397-1448mm w/ adjustability
Front Suspension: Öhlins 43mm conventional, 114mm travel
Rear Suspension: Öhlins fully adjustable, 127mm travel
Front Wheel: 19" x 2.75" forged RSD traction
Rear Wheel: 19" x 3.0" forged RSD traction
Fuel Tank: 2.2 gallons
Exhaust: True dual S&S Cycle exhaust, left side mount

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