Indian Motorcycles Issues Recall of Scout Cruiser

Add this one to the growing inventory of recall news that I’ve had to report in the past couple of weeks. Is it even possible that we’re having so many of these recalls happen far more frequently than even what we’re accustomed to?

Well, it does seem that it’s happening a lot these days and the latest casualty is Indian Motorcycle’s Scout motorcycle. Apparently, 806 models of the Scout are being recalled because of issues involving the piston retaining ring in the rear master cylinder.

According to Indian, affected models of the Scout could have a problem pertaining to this ring, specifically in the way that this component “may not fully seat into the machined groove in the master cylinder bore.”

Indian also added that since the piston retaining groove isn’t where it’s supposed to be, there’s no guarantee that the retaining ring is fully secured. In that specific scenario, riders could see their Scouts’ rear brakes give out completely. That’s a problem and a big one at that.

Fortunately, not a lot of Scout bikes are affected by the issue as Indian has said that only two to four percent of all Scout models already in the field are affected by the problem. Should you be one of those people who own a Scout, you might want to check out your model number because Indian has already released a list of model numbers of the Scout affected by the recall.

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Why it matters

Once more, it goes without saying that owners of affected models of the Scout should do the prudent thing and have their bikes checked. But before you do, try to see if your specific model is part of the 806 Scout models that have the issue.

If you have a Scout bike with model any of the following models - N15MSA00AA, N15MSA00AH, N15MSA00AR, N15MSA00AS, N15MSA00BA, N15MSA00BH, N15MSA00BS, N15MSA00CA, and N15MSA00CS - then you’re going to need to have your bikes checked out thoroughly.

Fortunately, dealers will handle everything from there, including inspecting all rear master cylinders on the identified vehicles and if they have issues, the same dealers will
replace those master cylinders at no cost to the bike owner.

Indian will also do its part and notify consumers if they’re bikes are problematic and schedule the free repair.

It’s a shame that a bike like the Indian Scout could be affected by something like this. Then again, recalls don’t pick their bikes. It happens to the best of ‘em so the Scout shouldn’t feel bad about that fact. The important thing is that the issues are fixed so nothing worse comes out of it.

Source: NHTSA

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