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Back in June, Indian announced its return to the AMA Pro Flat Track series, and whoever made that decision deserves a raise. This past weekend at the Arizona Mile, the triple-threat Indian team got its second podium sweep of the season with the new “Wrecking Crew” comprised of Bryan Smith, Brad Baker and Jared Mees, who finished the race in that order. Too bad for poor Brad. He was looking at a first-place finish when teammate Bryan Smith ducked him in a turn and held the advantage to the end for a .057-second lead over the now second-place Baker.

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Indian Scores Another Perfect Flat Track Podium Sweep
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“It was a little bit of strategy,” Smith said. “I just sat on Brad’s rear tire, and luckily it worked out where I got by him with two to go. I went on by him and had just enough where I was a little bit better, mostly off of (Turn) 2.”

Still, as a brand and a race team, Indian came off looking like a boss once again, with long-time rival Harley-Davidson nowhere in sight. The purpose-built FTR750 Scout, beloved by its pilots, puts the Indian name back in the game to a degree unseen since the twilight of its heyday back in the ’50s with full factory support and a robust rider-training program. I’ve heard that luck is just when preparedness meets opportunity, and if that’s true, Indian’s race pilots have been lucky indeed. Bryan Smith, and new-to-the-team Jared Mees are battling for control at the top of the leaderboard with two firsts, a second and a third each. Race five will be on May 20th at the Sacramento Mile at the Cal Expo Fairgrounds, and “Master of the Miles” Bryan Smith is looking forward to going for win number 29 to shatter Bark Markel’s record and gain an edge on Mees. Exciting times for Indian, Polaris and race fans in general....well, all except for the H-D fans anyway. Oh, too soon?

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