Indian Motorcycle Gets Serious At El Mirage

Ya know that feeling you get when you accidentally break a world record? How about three world records? Yeah, me neither, but apparently the folks over at Indian Motorcycle do. See, the factory had some people down at the dry lakebed at El Mirage, California to make preparations and practice for the upcoming Burt Munro 50th Anniversary commemorative run. The commemorative run itself is not about breaking speed records, but what are you gonna do when you have fast bikes on the Salt Flats? Yeah, ride fast.

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What’s The Buzz?

Indian Sets Three Land Speed Records On The Salt Flats
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Sounds like relatively mundane stuff, right? Well, imagine everyone’s surprise when Chet Michaelson turned in a 154.132 mph run on a 2015 Indian Chief Classic, which was enough to break the previous 151 mph record. Next, Burt Munro’s own kin, Lee Munro, made a run on the Indian Scout-based “Spirit of Munro.” He didn’t just break the old, 167 mph record, he destroyed it with a 186.681 mph top speed. This places him in the record books alongside Burt himself, and that ain’t bad for a non-try. By the time Dan Gervais made his run, it must have been starting to feel like just another day in the office. The senior engine calibration technician took his turn on what the factory terms “a lightly-modified Scout,” and managed to coax a total of 154.354 mph from it to break the old, 153 mph record.

The factory, as you would imagine, was jubilant. The Indian Scout is after all, the hottest bike on the planet right now since the epic performance in this season’s Flat Track racing and stellar showing at the X Games.

When you’re breaking records during test runs, you know your machine is on point. Our team of engineers has done an incredible job on the Spirit of Munro commemorative Scout.” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Product Development for Indian Motorcycle. “Running within a different class has allowed Lee to truly honor his great uncle Burt. As Burt’s record still stands, Lee now joins Burt within the record book.


The aforementioned commemorative run is slated for the 12th and 13th of August, and is meant to do just that. There will be no attempt to break/set any more records at this event; it’s sole purpose is to honor Burt and all he’s done for us. Be sure to check out Indian’s site for more details and info on the event itself.

In closing, I gotta’ say that this certainly bodes well for the brand, especially as it comes hot on the heels of recent victories by Indian’s “Wrecking Crew” on the flat track. Back in the day, if you wanted to sell bikes, you had to win races, and if that’s the least bit true today, the Indian’s future looks bright indeed.

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