When your kid is tired from riding that rubbish old motorcycle and begs you for a motor powered two-wheeled vehicle, preferably nicer than the one ridden by the neighbor’s child, this is what you come up to.

Using imagination and everything you’ve learned by watching the OCC guys in action, you’ll strip down the old fashioned bike, custom design and build a frame on which the 5 horsepower engine would find its place and, in order to remind him what he left behind, attach the bike’s front wheel to the also custom made forks.

Innovation sets you a step away from being a bike builder
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Don’t lose a lot of time designing an impressive exhaust system (it won’t fit on the small bike, anyway), but make sure that you have it custom pained. In this case, Orange was the color of choice with blue flames.

Christmas is long away and the weather is perfect for riding so you won’t have any reason of keeping the thing away from the enthusiastic small rider. After all, it reaches more than 50 mph so it is a real blast, definitely better than what the neighbor has.

Fitted with pull levers for gas and brake, it is the easiest thing to ride, something you’ve wished to have when you were a small child with a thing or two in mind.

Innovation sets you a step away from being a bike builder
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Source: Aol

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