The riding gear with integrated airbags is starting to become more popular with every year that passes. So now, this type of protection doesn’t sound as Sci-Fi as it did a few years back.

Ducati has been deeply involved into this type of technology and now has announce that its engineers have manage to develop the world’s first production motorcycle wirelessly integrated with airbag riding jackets. Ducati has always been interested to offer first class safety features for its riders, so its new innovation comes as no surprise for us.

Until now, the suits fitted with airbags relied only on sensor mounted inside them to detect the perfect time for deployment, so Ducati’s idea is welcomed because it should significantly enhance the efficiency of airbags.

The first Ducati motorcycle that is fitted with this safety feature is the D-Air Multistrada. The bike uses a series of special sensors integrated into the stock electronics which are keeping an eye on the motorcycle’s dynamics to detect a crash. After the sensors indicate that a crash is imminent then the system automatically deploys the airbag in only 45 milliseconds, thus enhancing the rider’s safety.

For the moment, the new system is available only with the D-Air Multistrada and only on the European market.


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