• Intelligent Energy teams up with Suzuki to create fuel cell motorcycles

    2007 Emission Neutral Vehicle

Suzuki Motor Corporation is working together with Intelligent Energy to develop prototype hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles using advanced fuel cell power systems provided by Intelligent Energy.

The bikes that are going to be produced as a result of this partnership will run on Intelligent Energy’s Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells with class-leading performance in automotive applications. The design of the Proton Exchange Membrane features thin metallic bipolar plates allowing the resultant fuel cell to be extremely compact and easy to mass produce.

Intelligent Energy has a range of leading clean technologies based on proprietary fuel cell and fuel processing systems so they have to work with key partner companies as Suzuki Motor Corporation in order to integrate their systems into a large variety of products.

This partnership announces to be very successful so we hope to further discuss about more and more vehicles with zero-emission on the market.

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