The NHTSA announced that it is opening an investigation into an apparent problem with some of Harley-Davidson’s brakes. “Some” being defined by as many as 430,000 units with ABS built between ’08 and ’11. It seems that there have been two-score-and-three complaints of sudden and complete loss of braking power, with three crashes and two injuries.

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What’s Going On?

Is Harley Hitting The Skids...Or Failing To?
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Preliminary information seems to indicate that the owners of the crashed bikes may not have been quite as religious about brake-fluid maintenance as one might hope, which is no excuse for a complete failure with no warning of such a crucial, safety-related system, but at least that gives us an actionable theory at this time.

Change your brake fluid once in a while folks, especially if you have ABS. The fluid is only good for two years, and keep your ear to the rail for more details as the NHTSA and H-D study the problem further ahead of what is sure to be a massive recall-and-repair campaign.

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